Oliver Springs Garage & Fenced Lot


167 Midway Dr, Oliver Springs, TN 37840 Building
Oliver Springs, TN 37840



The owner’s have decided to retire and offer this property for sale. The property offers road frontage on Midway Dr. This is a .27 acre parcel with an approximately 1,520 square foot building and fenced lot. The building offers a one bay garage or storage area, main office area, kitchen and restroom. The building is being renovated and made ready for a new owner! Entry to the garage bay is via a concrete paved area, making for smooth entry into the bay. The property offered sits just a minute (or so) off of Highway 61, which runs from Oak Ridge, TN through Oliver Springs, TN. And of course, Highway 61, is on the way to one of East Tennessee’s premier outdoor attractions, also located in Oliver Springs, TN. This property sits 4.2 miles from 73,000 acres of off-road trails accommodating ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, dirt bikes, mountain bikes and 4x4s. This makes this offering an ideal location for a repair or service shop for any or all of these types of the off-road vehicles mentioned. If you have been considering investing in a location that is close to the largest privately owned riding area for ATVs, side-by-sides, mountain bikes or dirt bikes, is the COUNTY, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Not into the outdoor recreation areas? This property would lend itself to a contractor needing a small office and laydown yard. Or, anyone in the service industry needing to park trucks behind a locked gate. This is the place you want to see.