With more than 25 years of specialized commercial real estate experience,
Southland Realtors Commercial Group can meet and exceed any of your commercial real estate needs.

The first step in purchasing any commercial real estate is knowing your needs and your company’s needs.

Here are some questions to start with

  • What kind of property are you looking for?
  • Are you looking to use the building for your own business, investment, and/or something else entirely?
  • What location do you need?
  • Do you need to buy or should you lease the property?
  • What are your risk tolerances?
  • Are you familiar with the commercial real estate buy/sell/lease processes?
  • What is your knowledge of commercial finance/lending?
  • Will today’s constant changes in market, rules, codes, and regulations effect you?

If you thought selling a home was difficult in this market, trying to invest in a commercial property can be even more challenging. Today’s constant changes in market, rules, codes, and regulations, WILL effect you!

What are some challenges commercial property sellers face?

  • Knowledge of current market conditions
  • How to establish current market value
  • Staging the property correctly for showings
  • Contract negotiations & appraisals
  • Buyers credit and financial capabilities to close
  • ADA compliance, zoning & building codes
  • Wetlands & OSHA requirements
  • Addressing requirements of environmental/aspestos reports
  • Understanding the entire closing process

The process of identifying, negotiating, and signing a commercial lease can be a long process and it’s important to understand the required steps involved.

  • Do you have knowledge of current market conditions?
  • What is the best way to establish current market value?
  • Understanding of the different types of commercial leases?
  • Is the space compliant with ADA, zoning, & building codes?
  • What’s involved in a walk thru inspection?
  • Lease negotiations?

Is making the ownership of commercial leased property a worry free endeavor for the owner

Items to consider when seeking a property manager

  • Goals of the owner
  • Control of expenses related to the properties
  • Qualifying the financial capabilities of new tenants
  • Preparing leases

Investing in commercial property can be challenging at best and not all investments make sense.

Are you knowledgeable of the following?

  • The costs involved in building or buying a property to lease out
  • What lease rates can be expected for a given location or property
  • The rate of return that can be expected
  • Renovations that may be required to attract a tenant
  • How competing properties are going to affect your investment
  • Current market conditions and how it will affect the leaseability of your property